Component 3

Capacity Building and Awareness Raising (US$0.4 million)

This component would support the capacity building of the fishing cooperatives to provide commercial services to fishermen as well as to serve as facilitators in the process of transitioning to alternative livelihoods. This would include the improvement of the organizational capacity of cooperatives and civil society involved with the artisanal fishers by enabling them to spearhead programs for upgrading of artisanal fisheries and facilitating their transition into alternative activities.

The proposed activities include: 

Sub-component 3.1 – Training:

The Project would provide suitable skills-based training to facilitate their transition to the new fishing zones or to alternative livelihoods. This training would also include targeted community-to-community learning tours/visits and knowledge exchange in order to share best practices.

Sub-component 3.2 – Support to Fishers’ Organizations:

The formation and strengthening of cooperatives and other types of associations of fisher folk would be supported. This would promote empowerment of local fisher folk and effective implementation of climate-resilient fisheries activities supported tinder the Project in a community-based manner by the fishing communities. Sub-component

Sub-component 3.3 – Awareness Building and Behaviour Change:

The Project would support measures, including development of strategies, to increase public awareness and education about capture and culture fisheries and related issues in order to increase public support and participation in sustainable fisheries management policies. The transformation of the fisheries sector will require significant behaviour change.