Component 3

Climate Change Education and Awareness towards Behavioural Change

(US$0.725 million) will provide technical assistance support to promote climate change awareness at the national and local levels through (a) carrying out climate change information, education and communication (IECC) campaigns, and (b) conducting targeted attitude and behavioural change initiatives to address climate change adaptation needs and influence behavioural change of targeted groups.

The Planning Institute of Jamaica is the Executing Agency for the ICDIMP and will administer the fourth component which includes project management, monitoring and evaluation and the provision of support to the various Implementing Agencies including MSJ, WRA, RADA, Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change (MWLECC), Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) and University of the West Indies (UWI).

The project will benefit various end users of Hydro, agro and met data and information services, including the agricultural commodity boards and farmers, the Ministry of Health and health facilities, tourism centers (hotels), civil aviation authority and airlines, and the Coast Guard. Improvement in the climate information database and institutional mechanisms for effectively disseminating early warning messages and agricultural knowledge and adaptation interventions will also assist poverty reduction and food security issues and by extension, be of direct benefit to both male and female-headed households, agricultural workers and fisherfolk. There would also be considerable benefits to the international hydro-met community which would be able to access more reliable observation data from the Jamaica territory, contributing to more accurate regional forecasting and planning throughout the Caribbean region.