Component 2

Climate Resilient Planning and Hydro-meteorological Information Services

(US$1.386 million) will provide technical assistance support to promote Jamaica’s readiness for climate events through: (a) updating the downscaled high resolution climate change scenarios and using said scenarios to prepare the State of the Jamaican Climate 2015 and 2019 reports; and provision of training on sector specific climate resilient planning based on said scenarios; (b) preparing national vulnerability assessments in selected priority sectors to define priorities and actions on climate resilience; (c) preparing detailed health sector vulnerability assessments and costed resilience strengthening plans to assist health facilities and operations withstand and respond to climate related hazards; (d) carrying out community-based risk profiling to assess communities’ vulnerability to various climate related hazards and developing early warning messaging for vulnerable groups; and (e) upgrading the multi-agency climate and natural risk data and information sharing system to integrate climate data and making the data user friendly and accessible to the public.