Component 1

Upgrading Hydro-Meteorological Data Collection, Processing and Forecasting Systems

(US$4.009 million) is aimed at enhancing the availability and reliability of data for climate change scenario modelling, risk analysis and warning systems, and knowledge sharing. Project activities include (a) supplying and installing equipment for sea-level monitoring, meteorological, hydrological, and agro-meteorological activities, provision of training for staff of Meteorological Services Jamaica (MSJ), Water Resources Authority (WRA) , Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) and voluntary observers of the monitoring network on operation and maintenance of the equipment; (b) replacing the outdated weather Doppler radar, including rehabilitation of the Cooper’s Hill station facility and training of MSJ staff in operation and maintenance of the new radar; (c) strengthening the capacity of staff of MSJ, WRA and RADA on data management, quality assurance of data collection, processing, and weather forecasting through provision of consulting services and training.