Project Components

Therese Turner Jones (Country Representative, IDB) and Earl Jarrett (CEO, JN Group) signing the Cooperative Agreements

The project comprises two main components:

  • Loan Facility
  • Technical Cooperation

The Loan Component is funded by the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) through the IDB and the Technical Assistance Component is funded by The PROADAPT Facility of the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) with counterpart resources provided by the JN Foundation.

The Loan Facility involves the on-lending of funds for the integration of water adaptation measures in Jamaican housing and will be administered by the JN Bank.  The loan will facilitate the installation of water saving measures and technologies that would not otherwise have been purchased. The installation will reduce water demand and improve supply, thereby allowing householders to save on their water bills and build climate resilience.

The Technical Cooperation Component has four sub-components and will be administered by the JN Foundation.  These sub-components include: (a) demonstrating the business case for water efficiency for developers and construction companies, and the financial case for water adaptation in households, (b) building local capacity to design and install water adaptation measures, (c) supporting a climate resilience entrepreneurship program, and (d) raising awareness of the threats of climate change and the related opportunities presented by water efficiency by local businesses, financial institutions, civil society and the Government of Jamaica.