The Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience in Jamaica

The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Bank developed Jamaica’s Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR) to help the country to strengthen its resilience to climate through enhancing adaptive capacity across priority sectors. This is the result of the realization that the adaptive capacity of the country is constrained by various factors such as: inadequate climate data; limited financial resources; limited regulatory support to integrate climate change into policies and laws; lack of awareness of potential impacts of climate change, measures to build climate resilience; inadequate mechanisms in place to encourage adaptation measures; and limited institutional and individual capacity.

PPCR Jamaica is a part of the Regional Caribbean PPCR and will generate knowledge on adaptation measures, costs and benefits and the financial mechanisms by means of applying lessons learned from other countries in the region. This will help maintain strong linkages with the regional programme, particularly in the areas of climate modeling, climate change mainstreaming and adaptation  in  the  health  and  water sectors.

Under Phase I of the PPCR, Jamaica has completed four critical technical studies to inform initiatives to address climate change, undertaken institutional strengthening and developed a Strategic Programme for Climate Resilience (SPCR) approved in November 2011. The programme was developed with input from stakeholders at the national and local levels, and reflects some of the priority areas identified from consultation The areas of focus are: Water Resources; Human Health; Agriculture and Food Security; Tourism; Terrestrial Resource and Biodiversity; Coastal Resources and Human Settlements; and Financial Resources.

Jamaica’s SPCR is a multi-sectoral programme to be implemented as Phase II of the PPCR and will assist in climate-proofing the country’s development. It is being executed by the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) and implemented across several agencies, namely; the Meteorological Services, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Rural Agricultural Development Agency, Water Resources Authority, Ministry of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, University of the West Indies, and PANOS Caribbean. The SPCR is geared towards mainstreaming climate change into development planning; providing information on novel approaches, including climate financing to overcome the challenges of climate change and disseminating lessons learned from adaptation interventions.

The SPCR will focus on Jamaica’s five priority sectors: Tourism, Agriculture & Food Security, Health, Water, and Human Settlement & Coastal Resources. Along with the sectoral focus of the SPCR, key crosscutting themes will be addressed. These relate to climate change knowledge and awareness building; mainstreaming; risk information; and data collection and management.

The SPCR Jamaica Programme has five Projects:

  • The Improving Climate Data and Information Management
  • The Adaptation Programme and Financing Mechanism
  • Promoting Community based Resilience in the Fisheries sector
  • Financing Water Adaptation in Jamaica’s new housing sector
  • Investment Plan for the Caribbean Regional Track.

Financing for the investment projects is being channelled through two multi-lateral development banks (MDBs), the IDB and World Bank.